Some of these reviews were found on 3rd party websites made by patients Dr. Casey had treated during while practicing in CO.

by Jenny G on Jul 10th, 2013
I could not be happier with my experiences with Dr.Casey. He is thoughtful, caring, and a great listener. I have a dental disease that caused my teeth to rot out very early in my life, and Dr.Casey's office is the first to not accuse me of drug use as a cause for the problem. One of the first things he asked me was what did I want in a smile, and what bothered me about mine. I've never been asked that before, and only told him once what exactly bothered me. I've since had 5 or 6 visits over the course of a few months to repair my teeth(with a few more to go), and each time he remembers exactly what we talked about at the very start. He's gone out of his way more than once to not only get my teeth in a healthy state, but to make me have more confidence in my smile. This last visit alone, he went through more than twice the work needed to make my frontmost teeth as beautiful as possible, for no extra charge. I have never met a more caring and understanding doctor in my life. And I mean any doctor in any field, not just dentistry! His entire staff is incredibly friendly and efficient, and the assisntant I've always had when going to him is also an amazing person. Her name is Katie, and she is very quick and very attentive. I'm a supertaster, so any foul taste can pretty easily cause me to gag and vomit. I'm used to people not having a full understanding of how bad my reactions can be, but both Dr.Casey and Katie (as well as other assistants to help during weird jobs) caught on very quicky, and were very understanding about it. They rinse my mouth extra constantly, and try super hard to avoid foul tastes getting out of hand in there. I mean, other destists have even been so cruel when it comes to my problems as to tell me to "get over it" or "it's not that bad", but they usually change their minds after I vomit all over their office because they don't listen. This entire office could not be more opposite of that sort of attitude. I also, unfortunately, have a pretty sensitive gag reflex, which everyone at the office has been respectful of. During my initial X-rays, they were very fast and even made the ffort to distract me from it. Dr.Casey and his staff are also great with giving words of encouragement, saying I handled shots in my mouth well, ect. It does make things a lot better, when at the end of a little bit of an ordeal like that, someone gives you some positive words, even if you didn't really do anything lol. And then onto the front desk staff! Not only do they give out snacks, but they also make sure that my boyfriend (who has been there everytime I go through these multi-hour appointments) is comfortable and happy. They are very friendly, very fast, and very efficient! I've not had once appointment problem so far, and they always call to remind and confirm appointments. They make everything super easy, and really start off the whole thing right, being the first people you talk to going through everything, lol. Big smiles and good laughs all around lead to a very positive environment! With all of these problems, I have told them flat out that I'm sorry to be so much trouble, and every time I say that they make it very clear that they don't think it's a big deal. That my comfort and health are what come first, not theirs. I could go on for days about how amazing this entire office is, and how they have drastically change my life forever, but I think you get the idea! Completely amazing office with wonderful people!


 Mar 1st, 2013
After an unfortunate dental condition, my teenage son had to have his front tooth surgically removed and we are in the midst of a difficult restoration due to his young age. Dr. Casey has made this unpleasant experience so much better than I ever would have imagined. Not only has he spent countless hours in researching and recommending the best course for us, but he has taken the time to communicate and advocate for us where other specialists have been involved. He has connected with my son on a personal level and our visits are fun (yes, I said fun) and informative, we always leave feeling like we are in the best hands possible!!!


 Dr. Casey is a great dentist and Lindsey is a fantastic hygienist.  I highly recommend them.

Becki Nelles

Best experience I've ever had with a tooth extraction.

Dave Laura

Dr. Casey and his staff are phenomenal.  You won't find anyone more professional and caring.  Not only do they do great work, they take the time to talk to you about what you need and answer all of your questions.  I highly recommend Dr. Casey

Karla Wohllenben

I thought Dr. Casey was great and Lindsey did a great job cleaning my teeth!!!

Kelly Maday