Nomad2 system - You may now notice that the person taking your X-ray at Green Branch Dental no longer leaves the room.  Thanks to the Nomad2 and our Sunni digital sensors we can capture the x-ray image on the computer in a matter of seconds, while reducing radiation exposure by up to 90% as compared to traditional dental x-rays.

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3Shape TRIOS 3 - Do you hate alginate impressions? 

Our office now offers a new, high quality scanning system, also known as 3Shape TRIOS. Experience our highest quality of design to help us fabricate accurate impressions of your teeth for a variety of reasons, and treatments. With this scanner, we are able to create models for dental restorations, mouth guards, whitening  trays and much more.


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EMS Air-flow System - We are very excited to announce our newest, most unique system in our office that offers the most perplexed method of professional teeth cleaning. EMS Air-flow guided biofilm therapy uses a combination of warm water, and Erythritol PLUS powder to gently remove plaque, calculus, and certain stains both above and below the gum line. 

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