Smile Gallery

Please check back as we add photos of real patient's treated by Dr. Casey 


When patients are considering making life-changing decisions about their smile and oral health, Dr. Casey will use many tools to help design and communicate the final outcome to the patient before a single tooth needs to be altered.

Interview - Dr. Casey will spend time listening to the patient's concerns so he can formulate a picture of the patient's expectations.  Proper communication is crucial in this process so that there are no surprises during the course of treatment and so that patient's understand options available to them.

Photography - Dr. Casey uses photography to evaluate and scrutinize the patient's current dental state.  This is a powerful component in the communication process.  Not only is the patient better able to understand the underlying cause of their concerns but the photos can also be used to communicate with the dental laboratory and any adjunctive specialists.

Mock Up - Before treatment begins, Dr. Casey will hand-sculpt a prototype on your teeth which is non-invasive and easily removable.  This allows the patient to test out the new design before any teeth need to be alterned.  Patient's often wear this prototype home so they may show friends and family.  Patients can now feel more assured now that they have an idea how their treatment will look and feel upon completion.  

Exquisite Temporization - Patients often wonder how they will look and function while they are waiting for the final restorations to be completed.  Dr. Casey prides himself on his ability to create temporary restorations that look extremely natural.